How do I buy or lease a townhouse at Harbour Club Villas?

All of the townhomes at our condominium are privately owned.  The Association has no role in listing or selling a townhouse.  You should contact the owner or realtor of a listed unit based on the contact information that is publicly available.  Once you are under contract for a townhouse, you must submit certain information to the Board of Directors to be approved as an owner and member of the condominium association. This includes a copy of contract for sale or lease agreement. Please review the “New Residents” tab in the menu for the required information.

Any new resident, including prospective buyers, will be screened by the Association and must submit an application with certain information for background checks. The application fee is $100 per person or married couple, with a surcharge of $75 for expedited processing. Please make checks payable to Harbour Club Villas and drop them off in our Association’s mailbox at 1530 NE 105 Street in Miami Shores. The buyer must also submit a signed acknowledgment of HCV’s Rules & Regulations. Direct any questions to

How do I list a townhouse at HCV for sale or rent?

Listing and showing a townhome can be done without involving the Association, but please review the condominium documents before you begin. Also ensure that the unit’s payments to the Association are current and that any violations of the Association’s rules are corrected. Once you receive an offer, there are various steps to complete. All required forms are available on this website. The Board of Directors must be given a copy of the sales contract. Per our condo docs, the Association has first right of refusal on the sale. Note that if a unit is rented without notifying the Board, the owner will receive a notice of violation and may be subject to fines.

How do I request an estoppel letter or have the Association fill out a condo questionnaire?

Arenson & Sandhouse, P.A. is the accounting firm for Harbour Club Villas and prepares all required estoppels and condominium questionnaires. The fee associated is $250.00 in the form of money order, cashier’s check, or business check from the title company. This will provide a 10 business day turn around time. Arenson offers expedited services for a fee of $350.00, which will provide a 1-2 business day turn-around time. All payments should be payable and mailed to: Arenson & Sandhouse, P.A. 809A Coral Ridge Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071. You may contact Arenson with any questions at or 954-752-8701.

Who do I contact for insurance information, including certificates of insurance?

Please contact Cothrom Risk at 754-312-5408 or 440 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. You also may email our primary agent, Jordan Gillespie, at

What are the monthly fees?

For the 2023 fiscal year, the regular maintenance payment is $733 a month and the deferred maintenance assessment is $200 a month.

How do I obtain the Condo Documents?

PDF copies of our condominium documents can be downloaded from this website. On the menu, click on ‘Documents’ to find the file. You may also email the Association at with questions or if you wish to pay for hard copies.

Are there any restrictions at Harbour Club regarding ‘For Sale/Rent’ signs?

Yes. Harbour Club’s Rules and Regulations prohibit name plates or signs for rental or sale. They do allow for one small sign to be displayed on the inside of a window, with a maximum size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. HCV’s Rules and Regulations can be reviewed on this website under ‘Documents’.

Are short term rentals (e.g., AirBnB or VRBO) allowed?

No.  Section 9.01 of our Declaration of Condominium prohibits the use of any townhouse for “transient hotel or commercial purposes.”  Our Rules & Regulations further specify that all rentals must be for a minimum of 12 months.  Finally, Article XIII of Miami Shores Village’s ordinances (Sections 12-266 and 12-267) prohibit vacation rentals without a license.

How long does the screening process on a new buyer or tenant take?

It depends on several factors. If the buyer is a local person who has lived in South Florida for many years it will take a week to 10 days max. If the buyer has lived in many different locations though out the country it could take two to three weeks.

My buyer and seller are in a real rush. How do I speed up the process?

Review this website thoroughly and make sure you have all the information and complete all necessary forms. Our Board of Directors meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month. Approval of your sale will be on the next meeting’s agenda once all documents are submitted. If this timeline doesn’t work for you, please email to explore potential accommodations.

How does a new resident get a copy of the Rules and Regulations?

A PDF of the Rules and Regulations is available on this website under the Documents tab.

What amenities do you have?

Our condominium has a swimming pool, tennis/pickleball courts, a dock and a clubhouse, all of which are open and available to all residents.  The clubhouse can be reserved for private events by residents.  The clubhouse features televisions, a billiard table, and saunas.

My main interest in buying or renting is having a boat. When can I get a dock space?

Harbour Club Villas’ marina permit limits the number of boats which may dock at our community to less than one third of the total number of townhouses. Given the recent explosion of interest in boating, we currently have an extensive waitlist for dockage. Realistically, it will be a matter of years before a new resident receives dock space. You may wish to review our Rules and Regulations specific to boating as well to understand size and use limitations.

Can renters dock their boat at HCV?

Yes, but as owners receive priority over renters and given the current demand for dock space, it is highly unlikely a space will be available for renters. Please refer to the Rules and Regulation posted on this site under ‘Documents’.

How many dogs am I allowed to have and what are the size restrictions?

Pets are permitted by the Association and do not require prior approval. However, residents should submit a list of all non-caged pets (i.e., dogs and cats) to the Association in case they are found lost or loose. The Association recommends that all dogs and cats have identifying collars. 

Dogs are limited to a total of two per unit. There is no size limit for dogs.

Does the Association provide TV and Internet?

Harbour Club Villas has engaged Comcast Xfinity to provide cable television, DVR, and internet connection to all units. This includes cable box and internet router equipment. The cost for this service is part of the monthly condominium fee. Premium channels and boosted internet speeds are not included but can be purchased from Comcast.

What is the Association responsible for as far as maintenance?

The Association’s obligation to repair a townhouse is limited to the roof and exterior walls and all utilities located below or in the slab, as well as any damage to drywall or ceilings inside a unit directly attributable to a failure of any of these Common Elements.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of windows at HCV?

Windows and doors are the unit owner’s responsibility to maintain, including the installation of hurricane shutters. Any window or door replacements are the sole cost and responsibility of unit owners, though they must be approved in advance by the Association.

Do I need approval from the Board to make improvements in my property?

In accordance with HCV’s condominium documents, any structural modifications or alterations to the townhouse exterior (including yards and patios) are prohibited without first obtaining the written consent of the Association. However, prior approval is not generally required for many interior home improvements (such as installing fixtures or painting interior walls), unless such improvements may impact the structural integrity of the building. Please refer to the Resident Guide for Home Improvements (available under the Documents tab, in the Rules and Regulations folder).

Also note that permits from Miami Shores Village are likely required even if Association approval is not necessary. Miami Shores Village may require an approval letter from the Association before issuing permits. The Association enforces the requirement to obtain Board approval, but does not enforce permit requirements. Complaints about unpermitted work should be directed to the Miami Shores Village Building Department.

What medical facilities are nearby?

There are multiple nearby urgent care centers, including MD NowMedi-Station Urgent CareMed-Rite Urgent Care, and Jackson Urgent Care.  The closest hospital to our condominium is the North Shore Medical Center.  Other nearby hospitals include North Miami Beach Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and HCA Florida Aventura Hospital.

What public schools does your condominium feed into?

We are designated to feed into the David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center for elementary school and middle school, with North Miami Middle School as another middle school option.  For high school, we feed into Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High’s Biscayne Bay Campus.  We are also geographically close to Miami Shores Elementary, but do not feed into that school.

There are nearby private schools, including Miami Country Day School, Miami Shores Montessori School, Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School, Miami Preparatory School, the French American School of Miami, Shalom Montessori School, and the Cushman School.

We are also situated near to the main campus of Barry University, a private college, and Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus, a state university.

When and where do Board meetings take place?

The Board meets regularly, typically on the third Tuesday of each month at the HCV Clubhouse located at 1530 NE 105 Street and via Zoom online conferencing, unless otherwise notified. An agenda for each meeting is posted at the Clubhouse at least 48 hours in advance of a meeting. Agendas are also circulated via email as a courtesy. Residents may submit agenda items to any Director, including petitions for Board approval. Residents are encouraged to attend Board meetings.

What’s the local noise ordinance?

Miami-Dade County’s noise ordinance prohibits residents from making noise at their townhouse (inside or outside their home) in such manner as to disturb the peace, quiet and comfort of their neighbors between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. This restriction begins at 8PM for the operation of noise-producing tools which are used to maintain a residence.

Are garage sales permitted?

No garage sales are permitted at any time.

I own a business in Miami and would like to market to your community. How can I advertise on your website?

Email to discuss options.