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Home » Facilities » The Dock and Mooring of Boats (Continued)


The Dock and Mooring of Boats (Continued)

11. Boats are private property - No individual may board a vessel without the permission of the owner. Parents of children at HCV should control their children accordingly and are responsible for any damage caused by them.

12. Individuals using the dock area for fishing are required to keep the area clean and presentable, removing all left-over bait, fish hooks, scales, etc. Parents are asked to make children aware of these rules. Close quarters prevail dockside; therefore, extreme caution should be taken when line-casting to prevent injuring any individual who may be in the immediate vicinity. Free access along the dock must also be provided.

13. Boat owners docking a boat are responsible for damages they may cause to the dock or to any other owner's boat. This includes damage caused by the boat if it breaks loose. It is the responsibility of each boat owner to see that his boat is moored in a proper and seaworthy manner.

14. Electrical power is available for incidental hook-up battery charging or repairs. Power is not to be used to operate appliances or air conditioning, etc. on a steady basis. For continual power usage please see number 6 above.

15. Application: Anyone desiring an assignment of a dock space must complete an application with the committee, must submit all required documentation outlined in the application, and must sign the application acknowledging understanding of all rules and regulations.

16. Trash: Each boat owner is responsible for keeping their boat and area clean and free of trash and unsightly materials, including but not limited to towels, laundry, rags, and cans.

17. Noise: Care shall be taken to not produce excessive noise with radios, horns, etc. until the boat has cleared the channel.

18. Mooring: All boats must be properly moored as approved by the Boat Dock Committee.

19. Contaminants: Each boat owner is responsible for familiarizing themselves with all jurisdictional requirements relative to contaminating the water, and complying with them. Under no circumstance should fuel, oil, or other hazardous materials be dumped into the water. Fueling of boats at the dock is prohibited except in emergency situations.

Owners should be aware that the privilege of docking a boat at Harbour Club Villas is dependent upon obeying the above rules and regulations. Violators will be subject to having their docking rights rescinded and dock space revoked.

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