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The Dock and Mooring of Boats

Dockage will be assigned upon request to the Board of Directors and is subject to the availability of space and the following requirements:

1. Ownership:

A) Boats docked at HCV must be owned by persons who own or rent, and occupy a townhouse at HCV.

B) Proof of Ownership in the form of a photo copy of the Registration & Title must be on file with HCV for verification.

C) For insurance purposes, the owner must provide a Certificate of Insurance including HCV cited as additionally insured and Certificate Holder with a minimum of$500,000 in Liability Insurance and must be updated upon renewal.

An HCV form, when duly executed, will confirm a boat owner is aware of these requirements. Absentee owners who rent their units forfeit their boat dockage rights.

2. Size and Number of Boats: The maximum length of any boat to be docked at HCV is thirty-five feet in overall length. No more than one boat may be docked by any owner.

3. Additions: Any addition to the dock needs prior written Board approval. Only the following are permitted: Boat Whips of a standard and approved type may be installed. Boat Whips are the only type of tie-up acceptable. Hose Holders: Any boat owner who intends to keep a hose permanently on the dock must install an approved type of hose holder so that hoses are not lying loose. Additional cleats or mooring lines must be approved by the Boat Dock Committee.

4. Maintenance of Boats: All boats must be maintained in a presentable and sea-worthy condition. The Dock Committee will contact the owner if, for any reason, it finds a boat violates these conditions. The owner must correct the problem within 30 days from date of notification. If the request is not complied with, the assigned dock space will be rescinded.

5. Mechanism for Assignment: Once ownership and the provisions of item I of Article Eleven are established and recorded and dock space is assigned, the assignment remains in force even though the space remains vacant for a 60 day maximum period. This allows for dry docking and repairs. All required documentation must be kept current, otherwise the space is relinquished. The maximum duration for having an empty dock space (approved vessel not moored) is sixty (60) days unless otherwise approved in advance by the Committee. If the assigned space is empty or vacant for more than sixty (60) days without prior Committee approval then the use of the space is forfeited and the Board can allocate the space to another applicant. When an owner sells the boat, the owner has thirty days to replace the boat before the space is reassigned. Dock space assignments are not permanent, therefore, cannot be passed on from the seller of the unit to a new purchaser or from the owner to a renter. The assignment of a boat space to a renter is strictly on a temporary basis and must be relinquished if a request from an owner cannot be filled.

6. Dockage Charge: In accordance with Article VI Subsection B of HCV ByLaws, the Board of Directors, at their discretion, may impose a monthly dockage fee upon boat owners which may vary from time to time. All boat owners will an annual fee of $150 due January 1~ to cover the costs to the association for expenses. If the fee is more than thirty (30) days past due then the use of the space is forfeited and the Committee can allocate the space to another applicant. Boaters wishing to run continuous electricity must install a meter at their own expense at the direction of the Committee and pay actual costs for monthly usage in addition to the basic fees set forth.

All boat owners will pay a one time charge of$332.50 for the installation and maintenance of the wood and rubber dock bumpers.

7. Houseboats and Live-Aboards: Houseboats may not be docked at HCV and individuals may not live aboard docked boats.

8. General Considerations: Boa! owners must cooperate with the Dock Committee if it becomes necessary to make some shift in positioning boats to accommodate other owners. Every attempt will be made to minimize shifts.

9. Boats or boat trailers may not be stored anywhere in Common and/or limited Common Elements of HCV including the parking areas of HCV.

SEE The Dock and Mooring of Boats (Continued)

Important Information

Location: The South side of HCV along the Biscayne Canal.

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