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The HCV dock is an amenity for the enjoyment of the entire community. All residents and their guests are permitted to walk along the dock, sit and enjoy the dock, or fish from the dock. Please note the HCV Rules & Regulations provide a lot of detail related to the dock, particularly dock space for boats. Residents with boats or desiring to dock a boat at the HCV dock should consult the rules and contact either the Dockmaster or with any questions.

Individuals enjoying the dock should note the following rules, which we highlight here:

Free access along the dock must be maintained. The dock should therefore be kept clear of clutter (coolers, fishing gear, dive gear etc.)

Anyone fishing from the dock is required to keep the area clean and presentable by removing all leftover bait, fish hooks, scales, etc. Because close quarters prevail dockside, extreme caution should be taken when line-casting to prevent injuring any individual who may be in the immediate vicinity.

No individual may board a vessel without the permission of the owner.

No pets are allowed on the dock.

Parents are asked to make children aware of the dock rules.

Important Information

Location: South side of HCV along the Biscayne Canal

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